Mount Eerie – “Stone’s Ode”

Sólido y tangible, llega el mp3 del día. Le preguntaron a Phil Elverum qué significado ocultaba su nueva canción como Mount Eerie, y se mandó con una perorata inspirada en la naturaleza y lo oculto:

It’s about the interplay between these two things: shape vs. destroyer of shape. It could also be heard as “person vs. mysterious mortality,” or “a sense of stability vs. inevitable impending chaos.” It might seem meaningless and overly theoretical to most people, but honestly it is very touching for me to think about these things, and to see a the way a river has carved out a hillside and relate it to my own aging body and surprising failures and joys.

En suma, una canción sobre la destrucción y la ausencia. “Stone’s Ode” se incluye en su álbum Wind’s Poem. Escúchala a continuación:

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